How To Paint American Flag Sky

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Learn how to do this very simple yet stunning American Flag Sky with acrylic paint on canvas. You’ll learn how to do a forest skyline silhouette backed by a twilight or dawn sky and a dry brushed US flag illusion!

This painting tutorial is for the absolute beginner and even kids. I did one painting on an 8 x 10 canvas and the other on an 11 x 14 size. The design itself can work on any size canvas.

I originally did this painting on Memorial day 2018 as a tribute to that day! We have multiple extended family members serving in the armed forces and my husband is a veteran so we love to celebrate all the patriotic holidays. This painting is great for all US Patriotic Holidays and year round.

There’s a lot of “skill building” with this painting. You will learn how to do simple blending techniques, dry brush technique, splatter and tree silhouettes. I think it’s a great painting if you wanted to learn how to do those skill or incorporate them into a painting somehow!

*Oh and one more thing…a quick correction: yes, the first stripe on the top is supposed to be red! Some of the photos in this post show “white” but it should be red  

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