How to easily prepare rocks for painting amazing stones

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1. Do I have to wash my rocks?

Well, I don’t know if “wash” would be the word I would use. I would go more with a good rinse. I treat my rocks just like I would treat a potato.

Run it under warm water and scrub with my fingers to remove any dirt that I see. If it is really dirty I might take a brush to it.

I let them sit in the sink for a minute and then place them on towels to dry.

2. What do you do if your rocks are waxy?

If you grab your rocks online or from the dollar store they might have a waxy coating on them.

This is NOT GOOD for painting.

There are lots of solutions floating around. You can boil them, use nail polish remover on them, or I have even heard to run them through the dishwasher!

Sure they won’t have that shine, but you can add that back once you are finished painting with a nice sealer.

3. What do you do with rough rocks?

There are different styles of decorating that you can attempt with these rocks.

Pour painting or let the kids have them.

I have heard of others using wood putty. While I have never taken this route if you want a super smooth surface you can give it a try!

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