5 Simple Steps to Under the Kitchen Sink Organizing

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Easy steps to clean, purge and organize under your kitchen sink!

There’s nothing like a leaky faucet to force you to purge and organize.  Sadly, that’s usually what it  takes to get me motivated to clean out and organize around here.  Under our kitchen sink was looking pretty rough, so I guess it was a good thing we had a water issue.

It was after dinner and while we were putting the kids to bed that we noticed the floor was wet by the sink.  Why do house issues always happen at the most inconvenient times?  Luckily, a waterproof shelf liner helped protect most of the cabinet, but there was still a bit of water that had soaked into the wood.  I quickly cleared everything out, got the kids in bed then was left with quiet a mess in our kitchen.

Thankfully, my husband was able to determine where the water was coming from and fix the leak.  I let everything dry out a couple of days then cleaned and purged to get my under the sink cabinet neat and organized.

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