30 Under 30, Class of ’18: Ashleigh Eubanks, Food Justice Organizer

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What is your earliest memory associated with what you do now?

I work as a Food Justice Organizer. What I love most about the work I do now is that its rooted in things that I have done most of my life. I love food and I am an activist. My paid job is as a Food Justice Organizer at a Community Development Corporation in Bed-Stuy. I’m also deeply involved in other organizing work, specifically around safety for queer and trans folks of color. So I usually use the terms “paid work” and “life work.”

When did your occupation become real to you? Like, you knew this was what you were going to do?

I have been involved in social change work since I was a teen and I always had this love for food and value of health and wellness on the side. They existed as two separate things for me until a couple of years ago when I participated in Soul Fire Farm’s Black and Latinx Farm immersion program. It was a transformative moment for me. I was like “Wow! These folks are farmers and organizers!” and they are doing really important work with the land and the people. From that moment, I knew I needed to be plugged into this Food justice/food sovereignty movement.

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